Odeta Vaitkunas Photography | About
I am a wife and mother who loves yoga and reading a good book. My
other love is travelling, where I can not only see new environments
but also meet new people. I was born in Lithuania but now live in New
Jersey. I am fluent in English, Lithuanian, and Russian, and am
learning Spanish.

My father introduced me to photography when I was a teenager, during
the years when the dark room was the most popular method of creating
prints. My love for photography grew each time I watched the prints
gradually fade into life on paper.

Now, my greatest joy in photography comes from creating genuine
connections with other people. Whether it be having a baby or kissing
a spouse, I find happiness in witnessing the joyful moments of others.
My proudest moments as a photographer are those in which I know I have
captured the raw emotion of my subjects, be it in a posed sitting or a
candid shot, and I relish the opportunity to be let into others’ lives
and homes. Each session teaches me something new about love, family,
or happiness.

In life, we often worry about if others perceive us the way we would
like to be perceived. Be it in your home or another environment that
speaks to you emotionally, my job is to find the very essence of you
in the way that you want to be seen, and to create from that a lasting
image that can be held onto and cherished over the course of the